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Try This Simple Trick The Next Time You’re
Stressed Out, Or Can’t Sleep

Too much stress is deadly… a lesson I learned all too well started the day that I diagnosed my own Mom with cancer…

I still remember waking up that night, feeling utterly alone,

Tired, but completely wired… my thoughts racing at 3:54 AM… unable to fall back to sleep...

Those bright red numbers on my bedside alarm… a painful reminder that she probably had fewer days than that to live.

Would I be able to save her?

I had moved up the medical ranks in the US Army, and I was running one of the top Emergency Rooms in the country, at the Walter Reed Memorial Hospital.

I’d saved tens of thousands of lives with my own hands - infantrymen, wounded at the front lines… and veterans, young and old.

But in those early morning hours, curled up in the fetal position beneath heavy sheets…

I Was Attacked By An Anxiety I’d Never Known Before

It was overwhelming… like a little demon that had burrowed its way into the depths of my nervous system, spreading a fearful, electric energy through my body and my mind.

Turning to prayer, I heard a strong, guiding voice… a voice that told me to quit the ER and devote myself to immunity research.

And now, nearly twenty years later, I know that there was a higher power working through me that night…

...because it led me to develop a health breakthrough so incredible that thousands of Americans and an avalanche of medical professionals are calling it a “miracle.”

whole-body miracle that has the power to transform your health in ways you’d given up on, and extend your life for longer than you’d even think possible.

An at-home immunity miracle that can restore your energy and vitality, giving you the endless vigor of a twenty-year-old…

...that all-day stamina for work, for hobbies, for family and friends that leaves them wondering: how do you fit it all in?

A one-minute metabolic miracle that can torch stubborn fat from your belly, your thighs, and your butt… 

...forcing your body to release a tidal wave of its master “fat-burning” hormone, and crushing your cravings.

A nightly nervous system miracle that can steamroll over your stress, leaving you calm, peaceful, and present

sleeping through the nights like a piece of immovable granite, waking up every morning bursting with energy and gratitude for life…

A longevity miracle that bathes your brain with a soothing daily detox, flushing away the deadly plaque deposits that cause fogginess, forgetfulness, and far worse conditions down the road.

Amazingly, this 360-degree health upgrade will take you less than a minute a day… requires no doctor’s visit…

You Can Get Started With This Immediately…

Yet as easy as it will be for you, it’s been a decades-long path to get here… one that started that fateful night of my mother’s diagnosis.

For the next year, I was singularly focused on saving her.

But despite all my efforts, and a novel cancer treatment which is now moving into clinical trials with scientists from Harvard University… I still failed.

My stress… and my sleep… went from bad, to worse.

would lay awake at night, consumed by sadness, a cosmic sense of loneliness, and an anxious energy that kept me from ever feeling rested.

And now that I’ve been down that dark road, I can say one thing for sure:

If you struggle with stress or sleeplessness, as I did for so long, then…

Your Health Could Be In Grave Danger

I’ll show you the studies shortly, just like I show them to my patients.

And just like them, I think you’ll be shocked to see how stress and sleeplessness are destroying your brain, your heart, your immunity, and your waistline.

Yes, it’s much worse than we’ve been told… especially if you’re over the age of 45.

It’s a cruel trick of nature: as you age, your nervous system undergoes changes that make stress more likely… and make sleep more difficult.

But for me, this goes far beyond the studies:

With the hell that I went through, this was personal.

It’s actually very embarrassing…

In case we’ve not met, my name is Dr. Mark Rosenberg.

I earned my medical degree at the Georgetown University School of Medicine, then I went on to serve in the US Army, before moving into Emergency Medicine.

I won the Teacher and Resident of the Year award during my residency and quickly rose through the ranks to manage the ER at the Brooke Army Medical Center.

By the time I was running the ER at Walter Reed Memorial, my life had been a nonstop string of successes.

Yes, I worked harder than everyone I knew… but I was also very lucky.

For the first 35 years of my life, I had very little failure, hardship, or loss.

So imagine how it felt to hold my Mom’s CT scan up to the light and see the unmistakable mark of a deathly tumor.

I Was Shaken To My Core..

And I’ll admit it - I handled it terribly.

I didn’t know how to cope with my emotions, and my stress was through the roof.

Sleep came in fits, and it was punctuated with a recurring nightmare - holding my Mom’s hand as she passed away, asking me why I hadn’t saved her.

My days were a blurry mess… I’d find myself unfocused, and “tuning out”… then beating myself up for not being able to work harder.

And worst of all, I became an absent husband and father...

Slogging through research at work… and distant, cold, and disconnected in the few hours I spent at home.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I wasn’t just losing my Mom… I was on the verge of losing everyone important to me.

By the time she passed, I had become a wreck of a man.

On one hand, I’d made major progress in my immunity work…

...a breakthrough which would ultimately save the lives of Stage-4 cancer patients who tried it several years later. At the same time,

My Nervous System Was Completely Shredded

...and my health had gone to hell in a handbasket.

I was using my anxiety as fuel for work… but between that and the caffeine, I was sleeping maybe four hours a night.

Exercise had become an afterthought, and my weight began to balloon.

I’m ashamed to admit it.

I’d devoted my life to health, and here mine was, slipping away in a cloud of stress and sleeplessness.

I ignored it for as long as I could, until the day that I read a research paper that slapped me in the face.

They had linked stress1 and sleeplessness2, to cancer.

Would I Be Following My Mom To An Early Grave?

My horror only grew as I probed deeper.

High stress, and lack of sleep, have been conclusively linked to all of the things we want to avoid, starting with heart disease.

Too little sleep and too much stress send your blood pressure skyrocketing.

One study of over 4000 people showed - over a fourteen-year period - that those who slept six hours or less were 400% more likely to suffer a heart attack.3

Then there’s Alzheimer’s.

When the brain doesn’t have a chance to rest, tau and amyloid plaque begins to pile up like garbage on the side of the road.

A massive study of 7444 women aged 65-80 showed that less than 6 hours of sleep caused a measurable increase in risk for dementia4.

And of course, there’s weight gain.

When you don’t get enough sleep, your body produces more ghrelin - the “hungriness” hormone… and less leptin, the “fullness” hormone.

In a six-year study of 276 adults, those who didn’t get enough sleep were 27% more likely to become obese than those who did.5

And sleeplessness and stress destroy the immune system, leaving us helpless against bacteria and viruses.

In one study, they found that people who slept less than seven hours a night were almost three times more likely to catch the rhinovirus… also known as the common cold.6

We’re just scratching the surface here, but I think you get the picture:

Stress and sleeplessness can lead to an early death… and make your life miserable along the way.

That’s because they short circuit your nervous system, and…

Your Nervous System Is Like a Big Switchboard That Controls Every Other System In Your Body

When your nervous system is frayed, you feel awful, you gain weight, and you get sick!

And far too often, the so-called “solutions” for stress and sleep make things far worse.

Some people turn to alcohol, benzos, sleep medications...

These chemicals all fall into the category of “Downers”.

They affect the “thinking” part of your brain - your cortex - so they can definitely wind you down, or knock you out.

But it’s a deal with the devil.

You see, these Downers really mess up your ability to get what’s called “Deep Sleep.”

Deep Sleep is like a cleansing, rejuvenating “detox” for your nervous system.

And yes, I mean that in a literal sense.

When you’re in deep sleep, your cortex produces powerful, electrical brain waves, which pulse through your skull in perfect harmony.

Those waves work together with spinal fluid to “bathe” your neurons, flushing away the day’s buildup and “waste,” and moving short term memories into long-term storage.

To Recharge Your Nervous System, You Need A Daily Deep Sleep Brain Detox

This Deep Sleep detox leaves your nervous system healthy, fresh, and primed to take on the day ahead.

But when you take a Downer and shut off your cortex - and it’s powerful, pulsating cleanse - your brain doesn’t get the Deep Sleep that you need… you start the next day with a nervous system that’s already frayed.

Of course, you feel tired, groggy, and moody... but that’s only the tip of a very large, dangerous iceberg.

I was shocked by a scary animal study, from the University of Pennsylvania.

They showed that the most popular sleep drug - sorry, but I’m not comfortable naming names - it unwound about 50% of the brain cell connections that were formed that day.7

Said bluntly: a popular sleeping pill actually erased these poor creatures' memories.

That is appalling to me.

And if that doesn’t frighten you, then imagine what happens after years or decades of missed Deep Sleep...

Plaque building up in the brain, never getting washed away, and paving the way for dementia or Alzheimer’s.

Frightening as that is, the final “nail in the coffin” for me was a study of over 10,000 people, coming from the University of San Diego.

Those taking sleeping pills were…

4.6 Times More Likely To Die

…than those who didn’t take sleeping pills!8


We still don’t know for sure, but here’s one hypothesis:

When you don’t get enough deep sleep, and your nervous system doesn’t get its recharge, your immune system doesn’t work as well...

...which makes you much more susceptible to infections.

This hypothesis is supported by yet another study, which showed that those taking sleeping pills were also 30% more likely to develop cancer.9

It only makes sense - if your nervous system - your body’s “master switchboard” - isn’t working right, then every other system in your body is going to struggle, too.

Unfortunately, far too many people depend on these Downers to relax, or to escape pain and loneliness…

...and since they never get the healing recharge they really need, their nervous system becomes a little more frayed with every passing day.

Now here’s the tough part:

People Take Downers Because They’re Suffering

And since I went through this pain for myself, I understand.

I’m not here to scold or to judge.

Most doctors are only too happy to write a prescription, but almost no one tries to get to the root cause of the problem.

And had it not been for my own hellish battle with a failing nervous system, I might never have gone looking for a solution.

But there’s an oath that I made to myself when I earned my MD.

I would be an example for my patients.

And I would never  become one of those doctors who preach good health, only to let his own health go down the drain.

So when I turned my research efforts to solve this problem, I eventually found myself staring down two chemicals that are the root cause of so much suffering.

These Two Stressors Make Life Worse… And They’re Inescapable

Unlike Downers, your body produces Stressors on its own.

So even if you wouldn’t think to pop an anti-anxiety or sleeping pill…

...even if you’ve been sober your whole life...

these stressors are in your body right now… and we have to get them under control.

You may have heard about the first one - it’s called Cortisol.

It’s a hormone that you produce in response to stress, and it primes your body for quick action.

That made sense for our caveman ancestors.

They would have experienced a surge of cortisol if, say, a lion appeared in their camp.

That cortisol would have unleashed a flurry of physiological changes - from increased blood pressure to tensed muscles - which prepared our ancestors for fight, or flight.

Here’s the problem: these days…

Our Stress Is Far Less Acute, But It’s Always There!

Work, money, family, loneliness, politics, the national media… the average American is practically cooking in low-grade stress, 24/7.

Think about the last few minutes you spent on social media, or reading the news.

You probably did it to “escape” from your own stressful, day to day life, but let’s be honest:

Was it a pleasant, soothing experience?

Or do you think that something you saw could have raised your cortisol levels just a little bit?

If you’re like most Americans, you have a non-stop flow of cortisol, flooding your body and brain… keeping your wound up tight and yearning for a “release.”

You’re Stuck In Permanent, Low-Grade “Fight or Flight.”

It’s that constriction in your chest, as you go through your day…

It’s the restless tension that keeps you from falling back to sleep at night

It’s all because of Cortisol.

...and when you add in the second Stressor - Glutamate - that’s when it gets really uncomfortable.

Glutamate is a neurotransmitter - a brain chemical - which helps control how quickly your neurons fire.

Think of it like the “gas pedal” for your brain - it’s extremely important for things like learning, cognition, and memory.

But just like a heavy foot can send a car racing dangerously down the road…

Too Much Glutamate Can Send Your Thoughts Racing

...leaving your nervous system buckled tight in the passenger seat, white-knuckled and clinging on for dear life.

You know that frustrating feeling of a barreling brain, that just can’t calm down in the middle of the night?

Or those intrusive, unwanted thoughts that you can’t escape during the day?

That’s glutamate’s handiwork, and it might not surprise you that study after study has shown that high stress can cause glutamate levels to surge.

And it shouldn’t come as any shock that both too much cortisol, and too much glutamate, can cause big health problems in the long term.

Because these two Stressors block your ability to get the full, healing sleep you need...

… and when your nervous system doesn’t get its recharge… every other system and organ in your body is affected.

Day by day, year by year, decade by decade…

Nervous System Stressors Wear You Down, And Make You Look And Feel Older Than You Are

It shows up as a bulging waistline… as sagging jowls… as a feeling of anxious energy, mixed with low motivation...

...all signs of a nervous system that’s been wrung out like a wet towel.

That’s exactly how I was feeling, and sure enough, my bloodwork showed that my cortisol levels were dangerously high that was the first problem I set out to solve.

It started with natural methods - I started exercising again, and I added a short meditation routine to my day.

But the big win happened when I discovered an amazing plant extract called ashwagandha.

It’s getting quite popular right now, and with good reason.

This incredible root can help the body support a healthy, balanced cortisol response…

...and it’s called an adaptogen, because...

it Quite Literally Adapts To Support Your Stress Levels

So if you’re like I was, and your cortisol levels are through the roof, then taking ashwagandha can bring them into a healthy, balanced range.

But what’s great is that it won’t “neuter” your emotions.

Unlike some Downers, no one around you is going to be wondering why you’re so “vacant” all of a sudden.

No, it just “turns down the volume” on your stress response, so you’re more present for all the important people and moments in life.

Now ashwagandha wasn’t a hit for me right away… in fact, I almost wrote it off, until I discovered a very specific preparation.

And once I did… wow...

It took a few weeks, but it felt like my muscles and joints released years of tension and stress

And that anxious, almost guilty feeling in the pit of my stomach just melted away.

Of course, I’m always on guard against the placebo effect… imagine how happy I was to get my blood work the next month, and see...

Amazing Proof That My Cortisol Levels Had Dropped

Not only that, but they continued to drop for the next three months…

...I joked with my wife that ashwagandha was like a little nightly shoulder massage.

And there’s another good reason to take it regularly at night:

Ashwagandha can help your “body clock” get back on track.

If you’re over 45, this is very important.

Your body clock - also known as your circadian rhythm - helps control when you fall asleep.

When your body clock is running right, you fall asleep easily.

But as you age, your body clock starts to get “unwound.”

It becomes more erratic… and less powerful… which is a big reason that stress and sleeplessness become an issue.

Fortunately, there’s a lot we can do to “wind up” the body clock, even with age, like taking melatonin.

This one is quite popular with my patients, and with good reason -

It Quite Literally Controls Your Body Clock

You see, your brain produces melatonin at night, as the sun sets, and the lights go down.

But for reasons we still don’t understand, your body produces less melatonin as you age.

That’s one of the reasons that your body clock becomes “unwound.”

So yes, I always recommend supplementing with a small amount of melatonin.

This combination - melatonin and ashwagandha - had remarkable results for me.

I was feeling more relaxed, and finding it much easier to fall asleep...

...but there was still a big problem:

Those anxious, racing thoughts.

They would “attack” me during the day, seemingly from out of nowhere.

And when I’d get up at night to use the bathroom, they’d capture my brain, and keep me from falling back into that healing, nurturing sleep that I needed.

As you now know, those racing thoughts are caused by Glutamate - the brain’s “gas pedal.”

And if you’ve got this same issue, then…

We Need To Get Your Neurons To “Step On The Brakes”

We can’t use a downer that completely shuts down your cortex… no, we simply need to reduce the amount of Glutamate that’s firing.

For that, we can turn to GABA.

GABA is like your brain’s brake pedal.

If Glutamate is heads, GABA is tails.

If Glutamate is the green light, GABA is the red light.

I think you get the picture - GABA is the neurotransmitter that puts the brakes on Glutamate, and those anxious, barreling thoughts I began to experiment with it as a part of my evening ritual.

I definitely felt its effects… I was much more “in control” of my thoughts… it was truly wonderful

Not only that, but I actually noticed several pounds of my weight starting to “melt” off

I couldn’t believe it, but now I know why, and I’ll tell you in just a moment.

But there was still an issue - GABA’s effects weren’t lasting through the night.

Yet I knew I was on the verge of something big… and a month later, I’d zeroed in a compound called L-Theanine.

L-Theanine is an amino acid, extracted from Green Tea, and…

It’s Like a “Building Block” For The Feel-Good Chemicals In Your Brain

L-Theanine supports healthy levels of dopamine and serotonin… which are absolutely crucial for your nervous system and your mood.

I surmised that if we “topped these off” every night, it might extend the effects of the GABA…

...and it would almost definitely mean a sunnier, brighter day to follow.

By this point, I knew that my “test group” needed to expand beyond me, and I had to start measuring the performance of this evolving formula.

We definitely couldn’t have a case where it just knocks you out, like a downer.

No, it needed to support a full, healthy night of sleep, and a complete nervous system recharge.

And I didn’t want to rely on subjective feedback. I needed data to tell me how well it was working.

This is where it gets really good…

You see, one of my younger assistants had just begun to wear a new fitness tracker.

Sort of like an Apple Watch, but made for professional athletes.

And amazingly, she showed me how...

We Could Track Deep Sleep, Down To The Minute!

You see, your body undergoes changes between each phase of sleep - your temperature, your heart rate, your respiration rate, and how much you move.

And this device tracked all that, so we had a tool that could tell us exactly how much more deep sleep we’d be getting.

Not only that, but this device also measured nervous system recovery.


It measured something called “heart rate variability,” which is like a barometer for nervous system health.

So there would be no cheating - if my formula didn’t work, we’d know it.

We ordered dozens of these devices and outfitted staff - and a test group of willing patients with them.

Then we produced a small run of my formula, and we began our study.

Two months later… I realized we weren’t there yet.

Everyone was getting better sleep… and seeing real nervous system improvement…

But at least half of us were still struggling with those racing thoughts

So it was back to the lab… and after three months of self-administration, I was pretty sure that…

I Discovered The Missing Link:

…an ingredient called Lemon Balm Extract.

Lemon Balm is in the same plant family as mint - it’s actually quite delicious as a tea - and ancient Mediterranean cultures used it to help with stress and sleep…

You see, lemon balm extract is what’s called a “GABA transaminase inhibitor”.

It can help your GABA last longer… and prevents it from being used up too quickly.

My hope was that it could make the early evening GABA last all the way to morning

And my research turned up a second, very powerful benefit:

Lemon Balm Extract also acts as a Muscarinic M1 receptor antagonist.

That’s a mouthful and you don’t need to remember it, but the simple explanation is that it can really soothe your nervous system.

Some people experience this as a more regular and healthy heartbeat… for others, like asthmatics, it can mean healthy, easy breathing.

It’s truly a remarkable herb, so we added it to the formula, and ran a new batch.

That night, I slept better than I had in years… maybe decades.

When I woke up...

It Was Like Coming Out Of A Tunnel, And Seeing Light For The First Time!

And it wasn’t a slow start - my body and my mind felt were in focused lockstep, and eager to take on the day.

I blasted through an early morning workout, and when I got to the clinic, it was already abuzz with excitement

...and as I called everyone together for our pre-patient “all-hands” meeting, I asked them to pull out their phones, and share their nervous system recovery scores.

84%... 96%... 89%...87%... as we went around the table, it was all smiles.

No one had scored lower than 79%.

Then the emails started coming in from my test group patients.

“Doctor Rosenberg, I feel like I’m a kid again. I’m showing 91% recovery… please tell me this for real.”

“Dr. Rosenberg, I got 82% recovery, and I feel it! I don’t ache like I normally do when I wake up. I’m actually excited for the day! If this lasts, you’ve given me a new lease on life.”

“Dr. Rosenberg, my recovery is 98%. I feel AMAZING. No headache, no grogginess, just pure wonderful clarity (and might I add, overwhelming happiness and gratitude?). I’m going to keep taking this, and I hope it keeps working, because I never want to not feel like this again.”

It truly did feel like a new day for everyone around us, and

With Daily Use, Results Kept Getting Better And Better

By month 6, those who continued to take the formula every night were consistently above 95% recovery… and it showed.

Denise, who’d fought against unwanted weight gain since menopause, had lost an incredible 33 pounds.

Richard, who had struggled with joint discomfort and immobility since retiring from carpentry, was now doing daily five-mile bike rides.

68-year-old Teresa’s dull skin was glowing, and her sagging jowls and eyelids had “snapped back” by twenty years.

I was amazed, but not surprised…

…because these are the exact sort of results you’d expect when your nervous system gets its full nightly recharge.

When your body’s “master switchboard” is working as it did in your youth,

Everything In Your Body And Mind Simply Works Better

And until now, the only way to experience this whole-body reboot was to get it at my clinic in Boca Raton, Florida…

...where we kept very limited stock, because of how expensive and difficult the ingredients are to source...

...but with the stress that’s been ravaging our country in the past year, my team pushed me to expand our distribution.

And considering that nervous system recovery can “make or break” the immune system, I agreed that it was time to ramp up production, and share this health revolution with more Americans…

Introducing: BioLuna


This comprehensive health solution contains powerful doses of five crucial ingredients, which work together to support that deep sleep detox your body is craving

...recharging your nervous system, for daily vitality, happiness, and lifelong health.

Remember - your nervous system is the “master switchboard” for every other system in your body…

...and your brain is the switchboard operator… so you owe it to yourself and everyone in your life to take care of it.

In my medical opinion, BioLuna could be your most important daily habit… ever.

It’s just two small capsules a day.

Take them an hour before bedtime, with a small glass of water…

...then, enjoy the calm, restful state that sweeps over you in about 30 minutes…

…and the quiet, almost meditative inner peace that arrives as you drift off to sleep.

And the formula starts with...

500 Milligrams Of GABA: The Brake Pedal For Your Racing Thoughts

While your body can produce GABA on its own, studies show that stress can really pump your glutamate, and dump your GABA.10

But by giving your body a nightly GABA boost, we can slow your thoughts to a healthy, relaxed pace… perfect for soothing dreams, and rejuvenating deep sleep11.

And it gets better - because clinical studies show that GABA stimulates your body to produce HGH12… yes, Human Growth Hormone…

...which controls your metabolism, increases your muscle strength, and helps you rapidly recover from injuries.

Boosting your HGH is one of the fastest, most reliable ways to shed layers of fat, which is why many of my wealthy, aging clients have been getting direct injections of it.

But with the full 500mg dose of GABA that you’ll get nightly with your BioLuna habit, we’ll stimulate your body to produce floods of new HGH… from week ten onward, as your HGH levels ramp back up, expect to feel your muscle strength start to surge, and watch in awe as the excess pounds start to melt away.

And to make sure that we “activate” every single milligram of GABA, I’ve paired it with 150 milligrams of a patented Lemon Balm Extract...

...which, you’ll recall, can extend the life of GABA in your system.13

Not only that, but the particular strain of lemon balm extract that I’ve selected contains rosmarinic acid… which was shown to actually protect brain cells from an early death.14

Speaking of neural protection, BioLuna also contains

100 Milligrams of A PatentedForm Of L-Theanine

Recall that this green tea extract - which, by the way, is completely decaffeinated - can help your body produce more “happiness chemicals” like serotonin and tryptophan.

But it doesn’t stop there - l-theanine has been clinically shown to protect your brain from what’s called “glutamate-induced apoptosis”15... other words, brain damage caused by too much glutamate.

And perhaps my favorite study of all showed that people who take l-theanine have a measurable increase in alpha brain waves.16

That’s the frequency of relaxation, and it’s proof positive that l-theanine can help your relaxing nightly recharge.

And if BioLuna just contained those three ingredients, it’d already be a...

Potent Formula For Calming An Anxious Mind...

...and delivering some serious “fountain of youth” results.

But remember - nothing less than full nervous system recovery would do… which is why the formula also includes 5 milligrams of melatonin.

As you’ll recall, melatonin is the hormone that controls your body clock…

...and unfortunately, your body produces less as you age.

The good news is, clinical studies show that you don’t need much to get your body clock working again…

…in my medical opinion, 5mg is the perfect amount to give your body clock the nightly “windup” it needs - and once you’re asleep, the rest of the formula will make sure you stay asleep.

Speaking of which, BioLuna is rounded out with 250 milligrams of a patented, special preparation of Ashwagandha, to attack those high cortisol levels.

In one placebo-controlled, double-blind clinical study of this ingredient, the participants who received 250 milligrams a day had incredible results…

A 30% Decrease In Cortisol In Just Two Months!

But how did this translate into how they felt?

Well, those taking 250 milligrams daily had 87% more energy… 85% better sleep… and 84% fewer “feelings of impending doom”18.

Yes, they actually measured that!

Imagine how much happier and more productive you’d be if you had 84% fewer feelings of impending doom.

Incredibly, they also had a 35.2% reduction in their inflammatory markers in just sixty days19

...and since inflammation is a biomarker for immune system health, it’s proof positive that this ingredient was making these subjects happier and healthier.

As you can see, BioLuna isn’t some “hodgepodge” of ingredients.

No, it’s been precisely formulated, with the exact amounts, of the exact compounds it needs for you to...

Experience A Complete, Soothing Nervous System Recharge

You’ll feel it for sure - the amazing boost in energy, the pinpoint mental clarity

The weight of that stress will lift off your shoulders - one of my patients told me that for the first time in her life, it felt like the universe was telling her, “everything will be ok.”

And speaking of weight, please don’t be surprised when the weight starts to melt off your waistline, your butt, and your thighs.

As your HGH levels increase with better sleep and more GABA, it’s inevitable that you’ll see the results in the mirror.

But it won’t just be the HGH that’s helping your waistline.

Remember - deep sleep forces your body to produce more leptin, the “fullness” hormone… so eating less won’t be a matter of willpower… it will just happen.

Not only that, but can you imagine how much more energy you’re going to have?

More sleep… less stress… a charged up nervous system… youthful hormones pumping through your bloodstream

It’s That “New Lease On Life”!

… and it’s been hiding in plain sight this whole time - all we need to do is get the sleep that our bodies so desperately crave.

Those bags under your eyes start to fade away… your complexion improves… you finally start to look as young as you feel.

And when your nervous system is working right, your skin starts to get all of the nutrients it needs, so loose skin begins to tighten up and “snap back.

If you were to pay for this combination of benefits, the bill would easily top tens of thousands of dollars…’d need a nutritionist and a personal trainer for your weight and energy…

...a cosmetic surgeon for your skin health… integrative doctor who probably doesn’t accept insurance, and expensive hormonal therapy for your energy, immunity, and longevity…

...a meditation counselor or cognitive behavioral therapist for your stress…

...and you still wouldn’t be guaranteed the…

Rejuvenating, Soul-Satisfying Nights Of Sleep That You’ll Enjoy With BioLuna

But you won’t pay $10,000, $5000, or even $500 for BioLuna.

At Sun Coast Sciences, we control every step of our formulation, which means that we’re able to get the absolute lowest costs on all of our ingredients.

Granted, I only select premium ingredients for our products, and every run is produced right here in the United States.

Our manufacturing partner is CGMP-certified, and welcomes twice-yearly audits from the FDA, to remain compliant with this prestigious designation.

And every run is inspected multiple times for quality - ingredients are checked for purity and freshness when they arrive…

...and then batches are tested at a third-party lab before we begin to encapsulate them.

Everything is just as expensive as it sounds.

So while this revolutionary formula would and should cost upwards of $149 at retail, we’re able to offer it directly to you for far less.

Today, you can try BioLuna for only $49.95 for a one month supply.

No middlemen, no markups - just direct from our clean warehouse, to your front door.

And remember -

BioLuna’s Benefits Compound With Every Passing Month we’re offering additional discounts when you purchase 3-month or 6-month supplies.

I strongly encourage you to take us up on these discounts and go for a bigger package.

The clinical trials are very clear - the longer you take this formula, the better it works.

And to make it even easier for you to get stocked up today, my team and I are offering a complete, no-hassle, 1-year guarantee.

Not 30 days, or 60 days… no, you get...

One Full Year To Experience BioLuna’s “Fountain Of Youth Rejuvenation”

If you don’t absolutely love it, just call or write in and you’ll be issued a prompt and courteous refund.

Our customer support team is over-staffed with amazing people, because we want you to get quick, prompt assistance when you contact us.

No one else offers that sort of guarantee - anywhere - because no one has the science to stand behind their formulas the way that we do.

So please, click on over to the next page now, and choose your package.

This is the first time that BioLuna has been offered outside the doors at my clinic, and we expect that it will sell out in just a few days.

At that point, we will have to pull down this site, while we wait for our manufacturer to complete the next run.

I truly wish we could place larger orders, but several ingredients in BioLuna are quite rare, so we are forced to keep our batch sizes small.

That’s yet one more reason to stock up - believe me, it’s maddening to run out of BioLuna once you’ve gotten into such a healthy groove with your sleep and vitality.

So please, click over to the next page now to get started.

Our checkout process is quick and completely secure and encrypts your personal details the moment you submit your order.

And with orders shipping daily from our warehouse, you can expect to receive your BioLuna in just a few short days from now.

In Less Than One Week’s Time... could be enjoying that daily jolt of vitality that you thought was long behind you.

In less than a month, you could see the results on your face, skin and waistline.

And in just a few short months from today, you could be looking back at this moment as the one when everything changed…

...when you took control of your health, your happiness, and your longevity.

Because if you walk away now, there’s one thing which I can say for sure:

Your sleep will not get better on its own.

It’s truly one of nature’s curses - our bodies simply get less deep sleep as we age.

Which begs the question…

How many poor seniors have been laughed at for forgetfulness… crankiness… senior moments… 

...which had nothing to do with their age, and everything to do with their chronic lack of sleep?

And how many times has a loved one looked on to someone suffering from dementia, heart disease, or these days, a COVID-related immunity problem...

...all of which could have been avoided - or at the very least - postponed for years or decades - if their nervous systems had been getting the nightly recharge they needed?

It’s Unfair And Cruel… But It Needn’t Be This Way

No one wants to be the butt of a joke, or the object of pity… not least of all during our golden years.

I don’t know about you, but I want to age gracefully, and powerfully - to squeeze every last precious moment out of this life, before I see my Mom again.

Whatever’s awaiting us beyond this world, one thing is for sure:

In this amazing thing called life, deep unconscious sleep is what makes our conscious moments so special.

It’s the deep darkness that makes the light of waking consciousness shine brighter and clearer.

So yes, you can walk away right now, accept your stress for what it is…

...accept that your sleep will get worse with every year that passes…

...and give up a little more of your health with every passing day.

Or you can place your BioLuna order - before we sell out - and take control of your health, your happiness, and your longevity, right now.

Your order is protected by our one-year, no hassle guarantee, and you’ll save over $100 - or more - from what we would have to charge if we were selling it at retail.

I’ve personally overseen every step of this revolutionary formula’s development, and I know that within days of trying it, you’re never going to want to be without it.

So place your order now, stock up while you can, and look forward to a total health recharge that you’ll see, feel and live... every day from here on out.

I’m so excited for you to give BioLuna a try now.

Yours in good health, I’m Dr. Mark Rosenberg.



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